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What are Implants?

Implants are the titanium screws which are inserted in the jaw bone in place of missing teeth to replace them and an artificial cap is mounted on it to ensure complete esthetics and function!

What are the advantages of Implants?

The Advantage of Implants as compared to removable denture is that implants are more or less permanently fixed and adapted to the bone.

In fact the removable loose denture can be made semi fixed on the jaw bone by the implants The Advantage of Implants as compared to fixed Bridges is that unlike fixed Bridges, we do not have to modify the healthy adjacent teeth. We can directly fix the implant screw in the jaw bone in the place of missing tooth gap followed by a crown or bridge to fill the missing tooth space restoring the missing esthetics and function to the area concerned.

What is the Procedure for fixing Implants?

First the patients Dental Digital OPG (full mouth x-ray) is taken, the height and width of the jawbone are measured and accordingly the type of Implant (screw) to be used is selected.

Then a small hole is drilled on the gums and the jaw bone in place of missing tooth. The Implant is then inserted into that hole such as it fits snuggly and closed.

The Implant is inserted to that height so much that the head of the implant, is up to the level of the gum. The implant is left alone inside for approx 3 months to allow bone to grow around the implant and thus complete fixture of implant inside.

After 3 months, an abutment is put on top of the implant and the Ceramic (porcelain) crown is fixed onto it.

This artificial fixture can now be functional to be used as close to a natural tooth in your mouth.

What are the conditions not indicated for Implants?

  • Medically compromised patients for any surgery.
  • Blood sugar (Diabetes) too high or too low.
  • Chronic Tobacco chewer & chronic smoker.
  • Loss or insufficient dental bone to take the implant.
  • Any other oral condition not suitable for any surgical procedures.
  • Insufficient space available for placement of artificial cap.
  • Improper Occlusion (Biting Position).

How much does it cost?

Its comparatively a new and expensive modality of treatment as compared to Removable Dentures & Fixed Crowns & Bridges. Cost at different implant clinics varies from Rs 25000 to Rs75000 per implant depending on the type of implant systems used, the surgeon’s technique ,skills ,the type of final materials and fixtures used for the treatment.

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