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Advantages and disadvantages of Crowns and Bridges There are different types of caps available:

  • Acrylic Crowns.
  • Golden metal Crowns.
  • Silver metal (Chrome Cobalt) Crowns.
  • Nickel Titanium with 1/2or partial Ceramic (Porcelain) Crowns.
  • Nickel Titanium Base Coated with Full Covered Ceramic (Porcelain) Crowns.
  • Precious metal (Titanium + Silver) with Full Covered Ceramic (Porcelain) Crowns.
  • Precious Gold Coated with Full Ceramic Covered Porcelain) Crowns.
  • Full Ceramic (Porcelain) Crowns.

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of these?

  1. METAL-FREE FULL CERAMIC (Complete Ceramic (Porcelain) Crown with NO Metal Base)
    • Very Natural Looking
    • Great Translucency
    • Beautiful Fit and Function
    • Coping made through Computerized Cad-Cam Technology
    • Complete Elimination of Grey/Black Lines” near the gums
    • Crown & Bridges can be fabricated
    • Excellent Esthetics

    The best recommended option of all full coverage restorations

    • Elimination of Ugly Grey Line” at the Gums
    • Beautiful and Natural Looking
    • Enhanced Strength and Durability
    • Reduces Plaque and Bacteria
    • Precise fit
    • Only Crowns and Maximum of a 3 Unit Bridge.
  3. SEMI-PRECIOUS FULL CERAMIC 2% Gold, 56% Palladium, 36% Silver Containing Alloy
    • Superior Esthetics
    • Super Strength
    • Multi-Unit Bridges
  4. NON-PRECIOUS FULL CERAMIC (Full Ceramic Crown with Nickel-Titanium Base)
    • Good Esthetics
    • Good Strength
    • A Better Option than Non-Precious Half Ceramic
  5. NON-PRECIOUS HALF CERAMIC (½ Metal + ½ Ceramic Crown with Nickel-Titanium Base)
    • An Economical Option than Non-Precious Full Ceramic
  6. NON PRECIOUS FULL METAL (Full Metal Crown with Chrome –Cobalt Base)
    • The Most Economical Option of all though not the best option

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